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Jorgensen || Family Photos

Updated: Jan 23

From even before I met Brynn, over a decade ago, I knew we were gonna be friends. I walked into our High School CNA class and sat down right next to her excited and nervous for our first day and not knowing a soul in the class. We soon hit it off and were hanging out all the time. We talked each other through boyfriends, then college, husbands and then babies. We had sort of lost touch except for Facebook for a while when she reached out to see if I would take her family photos. I was so excited, not only to hang with Brynn and her hilarious husband Jordan again but to see her family and snag some photos for her in one of my favorite locations, Tibblefork Reservoir. Her 3 little gals are so full of personality just like their mama, and baby boy wasn't having it so it was hilarious trying to rangle this crew but I'm so happy with these gorgeous images we got.

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